Voiceover Agency Tips

Posting a voiceover job and receiving custom auditions are free – you only pay when you receive your final audio files. Prices are quoted on a project by project basis, and the projects completed at InertiaTalent.com are as varied as the professional voice actors who bring them to life.

Having an agent does simplify some aspects of a voice acting career, however, being contracted by one is not an easy process and many people who are very talented do not have representation for a variety of reasons. Voice talent agents and agencies who represent voice talents are usually situated in cities known as hotbeds for voice over work like Los Angeles and New York among other high profile cities. While New York City and L.A. may be loaded with opportunities and perceived as well-connected to lucrative voice work, there are other markets to consider where representation by an agent is concerned.

Some agents as noted above prefer to work in major markets. Others may represent talent by state, regionally or even locally, depending on their preference and business goals. There are agents who specifically represent voice actors and some who have voice actors on their roster of talent which may include actors, models, singers, and other performers. Now, cracking the nut on how to get a voice over agent.

Many agents prefer to be contacted by mail (yes, mail routed through a post office) and are generally inaccessible by email or phone due to the volume of applications they receive on a daily basis. Research how agents prefer to be contacted before doing so. Some appreciate receiving a brief letter asking if you can submit something to them before you send your package. If they are interested in taking on new talent for their roster, they will give you instructions or a go ahead to send your package. Showing courtesy to the agent and their staff makes a big difference when you are trying to establish a relationship.

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